Oak Hill consolidation debate

Local - 7/14/2014 11:16 PM by Kevin Jacobs

A sewer rate increase may be the dividing line on whether to consolidate Arbuckle Public Service District with Oak Hill Sanitary Board.

Oak Hill council members and other city officials discussed in great detail improvements to the Arbuckle PSD. The expense would be on Oak Hill to clean up Arbuckle and cover its delinquent debt. The consolidation would coincide with plans of a new 60-room lodge at ACE Adventure. The move would be an economic boost for Oak Hill through annexation of Minden and Arbuckle.

But, part of the deal includes a possible sewer rate increase for Oak Hill residents along with OHPD patrols being allocated to the annexed communities. Those in favor say in the end the project would benefit everyone.

The project was not approved nor denied at Monday's meeting. The city plans on tying loose ends by addressing all concerns.


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