Weekend shooting in Beckley leaves one dead.

Local - 7/14/2014 6:04 PM by Mike Bundt
BECKLEY- A late Saturday night shooting in Beckley has left one person dead. The Beckley Police Department is looking into what contributed to the homicide.

"We are still in the early stages in the investigation. We're just starting to interview people and witnesses," said Lieutenant David Farley.

The Beckley Police Department isn't revealing any names of anyone involved with the investigation but do have some early leads.

"We do have a possible suspect but we haven't spoken with him yet," said Farley.

People familiar with the area say they aren't surprised that a homicide took place at the Willbrian apartments. A person currently living there gave us his reaction to what took place.

"I mean, I thought it was like pretty crazy actually because I just got done taking my girlfriend to the hospital. I feel like it all happened really quick," said Kenneth Eaves Jr.

"There are a few incidents that happen over there periodically. They do have some security in place over there. They have security over there. They have some cameras around the complex," said Farley.

Eaves says that guns aren't the solution to any problems.

"I just felt like if anything, we need to keep the peace. You know the saying keep the peace and just go on with our lives, instead of using all them guns," said Eaves.

Farley encourages anyone with any info to call their detective's bureau at 304-256-1708.


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