Bark to the Park takes place in Welch

Local - 7/12/2014 4:00 PM
WELCH- The welfare of animals in McDowell County is the goal of an inaugural event which took place Saturday morning.

Friends of animals in McDowell county held the kickoff "Bark to the Park Walk" Saturday morning in Welch. The 5k was held at the Linkous Park recreation area near downtown. The event featured food, prizes and many of our four legged friends. Like many areas in the coal fields, Mcdowell County is plagued with an abundance of stray and abandoned animals with no viable means to care for them. Organizers say the event is a first step in helping the community tackle the growing problem.

"We need more local support, more volunteers. This is just the first step to draw attention to the amount of people that we need and with the care of the animals that we have, we need more funds," said John Sidote

The proceeds from Saturday's walk will benefit the McDowell County Humane Society. If you wish to help the shelter, you can call 304-436-4930 for more information.


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