Marriage helps communites come together in Bluefield

Local - 7/12/2014 6:11 PM by Mike Bundt
BLUEFIELD, VA- Two cities on the Virginia, West Virginia border are celebrating a special reunion.

90 years ago, the town of Graham, Virginia changed its name to Bluefield in hopes of joining Bluefield, West Virginia in its rise. A wedding was held bringing together a man and women on opposite sides of the border. To re-live the historic day, the two Bluefield's hosted another marriage on Saturday, once again bringing together two people from opposite sides of the state line. Local leaders say it's a celebration and the first step in bringing both towns closer together.

"We've been planning now for about four months and getting everything put together and its been a collaboration of members of the city and and Bluefield, Virginia," said Joshua Cline.

"We just want the community to know that we do work together. The only thing that seperates us is an invisible line and when it comes to everything, we want to show the community we do work together and we enjoy each other so this is kind of symbolic of that," said Lesley Catron.


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