State Police take to the skies searching for pot plants

Local - 7/11/2014 12:35 PM by Stuart Hammer

OAK HILL – Authorities in Fayette County take to the sky Friday to search for illegal marijuana crops they say are worth around $2,000 a plant.

Officers loaded up in a helicopter to get an aerial view of the county, trying to find marijuana patches to cut down.

It's a joint effort with the Oak Hill and Gauley Bridge State Police detachments, as well as the Sheriff's Office. It is the second day the search is being conducted in Fayette County.

Police conduct searches around this time every year, and they say locating the crops is always tough due to the terrain and any possible dangers they may face.

Troopers say Fayette County is known for its high number of marijuana patches.

“There are other drugs out there now that doesn't take as much effort,” says Cpl. M.A. Elswick, “But I haven't seen a decline, it's stayed about the same.”

State Police say officers in West Virginia eradicated more than 200,000 marijuana plants last year.

After getting rid of the drugs, they search for the people responsible to apprehend them.


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