UPDATE: Fire destroys Oak Hill home, neighbors shocked

Local - 7/10/2014 5:46 PM by Stuart Hammer


OAK HILL – A home in Fayette County is destroyed after crews battle for more than 4 hours early Thursday morning.

Charles Cuthbertson lives across the street and saw what happened in the morning, “I looked over and sure enough his whole house was gone! I couldn't believe it.”

“My wife heard what we thought we fireworks going off,” neighbor Joe Allen says, “And she jumped up and looked out the bedroom window and screamed ‘Mike's house is on fire!’"

“It was pretty much fully involved, had a big start,” says Oak Hill Assistant Chief, Bob Begley, “Whenever the person that called it in said it was coming out of the windows and roof.”

Oak Hill, Fayetteville, Mount Hope, and Ansted responded, shuttling water to the scene. But there was little that could be done.

The family was on vacation when the fire broke out, and Allen delivered the devastating news.

"I called Mike, he was at Summersville Lake, and I said ‘Mike, man, I hate to tell you this but your house is on fire.”

He started crying, and Allen says it brought a tear to his eye too.

“This is our friend and he just lost his house!” says Cuthbertson, “That's not something you want to see."

But that's not the only problem facing these folks.

Neighbors on Nancy Jane Drive say they're concerned about their homes now, mostly because this Woodgate community doesn't have fire hydrants.

It's one of these things you don't think about until it's too late.

Allen spoke to firefighters Thursday morning, “They said the house wouldn't be near as bad if they had fire hydrants out here. But without fire hydrants you know, it didn't have a prayer.”

The house is still too unstable to go inside, but investigators are looking into what caused the blaze.

Cuthbertson is beside himself on what to do next, he just hopes the family can recover as soon as possible.

“What do you say to someone that just lost their entire life?”


Original Story: 7/10/14 7:20 a.m.

OAK HILL - Crews battled an early morning house fire in Fayette County for more than four hours while the home owners were away.

Dispatchers said the fire happened sometime after 12:30 a.m. Thursday at a house on Nancy Jane Drive in Oak Hill in the Woodbridge Community off of Gatewood Road.

Neighbors who called 911 said the fire appeared to have started on the back. They told Newswatch several cats lived inside but the family was away.

Oak Hill, Fayetteville, Mount Hope and Ansted Fire Departments responded. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


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