Shady archery targets world title

Local - 7/7/2014 10:49 PM by Kevin Jacobs

SHADY SPRING - Shady Spring archery team sets its target on a world championship.

The 24-member team is headed to Wisconsin for the World Archery Tournament. The Shady Spring Middle School team is practicing every day leading up to the tournament. Coach John Judy says he couldn't ask anymore from his team after an undefeated season and a third place finish at nationals.

"We really practice from the longer distance because that tends to set you a part from other archers, if you can make up your points from the back distance, where a lot of kids can't," said Head Coach John Judy, Shady Spring Middle School.

"It's not a sport that you run with and can't a ball. It's just something you don't have to be athletic to do, so it's easier and the concentration help you do better in school and everything," said Piper Burgess, Archer.

The team raised $14,000 for the two day trip. They'll travel by charter bus to Wisconsin.


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