Boy Scout camp opens to public this summer

Local - 7/7/2014 5:20 PM by Stuart Hammer

GLEN JEAN – Locals will have an opportunity to live as a Boy Scout for a day at the Summit Reserve this summer.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve Boy Scout camp is opening its gates to the public this summer to give friends and family a taste of the outdoors.

Officials hope these weekend visits will give young boys the chance to see what's offered and get involved with scouting.

You can expect to see skateboarding, canopy tours, zip lines, rock climbing, and challenge courses. Only a small portion of the Reserve will be open to the public, but it’ll be packed with activity.

“We want to show what scouting's all about,” says spokesperson Gary Hartley.

“It's all about getting kids outdoors, getting them re-engaged, getting them off the couch, getting them involved with some physical activities, teaching them leadership and confidence and skill-building, and we can do that here at The Summit,” adds Hartley.

Guests will visit the action point on the Reserve. For ticket information visit


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