Locals Enjoying the Holiday Weekend

Local - 7/6/2014 5:58 PM by Mike Bundt
The fourth of July fell on a Friday this year so many locals are extending the holiday fun through their weekends.

At Lake Stephens, people took in the sun and water this afternoon. After watching fireworks the last few nights, many people went to the water to relax and hang out with their families before the start of another work week. Newswatch caught up with some of the people enjoying the beach to see how they liked the holiday weekend.

"We actually drove in from charleston to play at the beach and swim and it's been a beautiful day. We're hoping to spend all day here" said Anne Sweeney.

"We had a family cookout saturday and then we came here and then we did things for the fourth and everything" said Kaila Washington.

"Went to virginia and watched the fireworks with the family and ate out and stuff and then we came here, kind of recover from it all and just have some fun with friends and family" said Charlie Faw.

Locals said there's no better way to spend their Sunday then hanging out with their families.


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