Summersville Hosts Crafts Show

Local - 7/5/2014 5:56 PM by Mike Bundt
The Summersville Arena and Conference Center played host today to a craft show where organizers hope to continue the tradition annually.

The craft show is nicknamed the Summer Slam Vendor and Craft Expo. Organizers say it's the first time they've held the event and are encouraged by the turnout. More than 60 vendors paid to take part at the show. All in an effort to raise more than $1,000 for charity. Samantha Vance goes into detail about where the proceeds will go.

"They're all organized to help the shelter in Muddlety which is a children's home shelter for adolescents who are taken away from their homes for different circumstances" said Vance.

Vance has a background in teaching. She says she organized the event to help children.


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