Locals Enjoying Friday's in the Park

Local - 7/4/2014 4:57 PM by Mike Bundt
Many people who had the Friday off spent the afternoon at Word Park to take in live music and enjoy the weather.

the Lilly Mountaineers performed for several hours. Vendors were served a wide variety of American summertime favorites. Just down the street, the gold rush flea market also hosted live music to kick off their three-day bonanza flea market. Beckley Renaissance's Jill Moorefield says it was a good day for the weekly event.

"This happens to be the fourth of July so decided to go ahead and have a Friday in the park and folks can come up and get a hamburger or a hot dog or barbeque and enjoy the music of the Lilly Mountaineers and just have a good fellowship" said Moorefield.

Fridays in the park takes place every week at word park through the end of the summer.


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