Amateurs try their hand at being a pro

Local - 7/4/2014 4:51 PM by Stuart Hammer

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS – Amateurs are lining up to take a few cuts at what the pro's see.

A simulator out near the 12th hole allows golf fans to hit an iron on the 17th hole at Pinehurst; the course where the U.S. Open just wrapped up.

The simulator from Out of Bounds Golf lets you practice without ever having to chase down your balls. It provides real-time feedback on your stroke and you'll never break a sweat.

Visitors were competing to see who could get it closest to the pin, and the record Friday was within five feet.

Trey Romig was visiting from Richmond, Va. and he had a go, “It was cool, it all seemed real. And it was cool to see the ball’s flight.”

The simulator provides users with data including swing speed, launch angle, club path, spin rates, face angle, ball speed, and distance. Is there anything else you need?

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