Fourth of July parade safety

Local - 7/4/2014 4:45 PM by Rachael Cardin

ALDERSON - America celebrated its birthday with parades and fireworks, but officials wanted to remind parade-goers to take precautions while enjoying the holiday.

Officials with the Alderson Fire Department said holidays are always a busy time for EMS and law enforcement. While monitoring the Alderson parade, firefighters stayed alert and monitored the streets as floats and trucks drove through town. With children rushing out into the parade to catch the candy and high five local celebrities, this task kept firefighters on their toes. Assistant Fire Chief Charles Lobban explained just one of the fire departments many jobs on the 4th.

“In big parades like this, we have big giant tractor trailers besides fire trucks and floats that are hard to make these turns the way we run our parade here. So, we need people at each of those bad corners to watch for safety,” said Lobban.

Lobban said his firefighters were also aware of detours and back roads in case they needed to tend to an emergency.


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