Security tightens as tourney tees off

Local - 7/3/2014 5:17 PM by Stuart Hammer

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS – The opening round of The Greenbrier Classic tees off Thursday and tournament security is ready for the rush of visitors.

Officials with The Greenbrier say they have a long list of protocol and strict procedures to follow in order to keep all the golf and concert spectators safe this weekend.

West Virginia State Police, Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department, as well as local city police departments are all joining in the effort.

A private security firm has control of the gates and they have their list of things to look for.

Sgt. W.A. Pendleton with the State Police says he’s standing guard and ready for anything.

“Making sure everybody goes in their designated areas and if there's a problem that arises we can deal with it real quick, end the problem, and let people get on with the tournament and have a good time.”

Mini metal detector wands are a staple at the security checkpoints that will buzz at even the slightest hint of metal. So far there have been no major issues.


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