Safety in the heat

Local - 7/2/2014 5:40 PM by Rachael Cardin

OAK HILL - Hot weather can be dangerous if not handled in small doses, but other factors play into your health when food is involved.


Officials with Plateau Medical Center said staying hydrated is key, if you would like to safely enjoy the holiday weekend. The recommended dose of water is 1 glass every hour as you participate in your outdoor activities. Another mistake that can lead to illness is leaving food in the sun. Staff members at PMC said you need to monitor how long food is left out, especially those with dairy products.


"The rule of thumb is anytime you have food items that have more than 2 ingredients mixed together, you really want to make sure you're keeping that temperature in the appropriate time frame,” said Penny Settle.


Medical professionals remind you to stay hydrated and out of the sun while outside this weekend.


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