PGA Tour packs hotels

Local - 7/1/2014 6:37 PM by Rachael Cardin

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS - Vehicles bearing license plates from all over the state fill the parking lots of local hotels; a representation of the overflow from the Greenbrier Resort.

While the Greenbrier Resort hosts many of the PGA Tour players and fans, vendors and other tourists check into surrounding hotels and inns during the week’s festivities. Hotel owners said they see the same people come back year after year. Manager of Village Inn, Sharon Tan, said 75% of her customer base for this week is people who have been coming to town since the Tour began making a stop at The Greenbrier.

"Most of them come from neighboring states, a lot from West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio. And we get vendors from all over as well," said Tan.

Hotels invited out-of-staters to check in and stay with them in their convenient locations.


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