Missing Oak Hill man calls for bloodhound team

Local - 6/30/2014 5:16 PM by Rachael Cardin

OAK HILL - The search continues for a Fayette County man who went missing around 2:30 PM on Tuesday.


Carolyn Hawkins has been dating the William Claude Bruebaker for 18 years and said he is a helpful member of the community.

"Had a good personality, good natured, kind hearted, he'd give to anybody, he'd do anything for anybody," said Hawkins.

Officials said they are not the only ones engaged in search efforts. Captain Jim Sizemore with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Dept. said, "friends and family members are out on foot today combing wooded areas and rock cliffs, places that he's known to frequent and camp and he's someone who grew up in the woods, he’s at home making a tough camp and living off the land."

“It's very unusual for him to have been gone this long without anyone seeing him or having contact with him,” said Sizemore. 

The Sheriff’s Dept. said their bloodhound team did lose track of Bruebaker somewhere in a very wooded are behind Harlem Heights in Oak Hill

“The bloodhound picked up a very good strong scent track and it led down behind his trailer down through the woods and that's where the dog lost the scent at. Now we've checked that area with no indication so until we get a further lead it won't be any good to try the dogs again,” said Sizemore.


Hawkins asked anyone with information to call the Fayette County Sheriff’s Dept.

“I wished that someone out there would see him and let us know where he's at and let him know that I love him dearly,” said Hawkins.


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