Residents react to meth lab discovered in Princeton home

Local - 6/28/2014 8:34 PM by Karen Franklin
PRINCETON - Residents of one Mercer County city are shocked to learn a meth lab has been operating in their community.

Neighbors are stunned to learn the news of a meth lab discovered in a home on Ingleside Road near Stafford Drive. Hazmat crews were called to the scene early Friday after numerous reports of drug making and suspicious activity. 

Police told Newswatch that no drugs were found during the raid. 

An employee of a nearby business said she's seen a lot of traffic go into the house.

"I'm kind of shocked," Patrice Mitchell told WOAY. "There's a lot of volume that you'd see going in and out of there every day, so we kind of -- we didn't think they, you know, that there was a meth lab in there. Just thought it was really weird that they constantly had people coming in and out everyday."

Information regarding possible arrests was not known Saturday. The residence was vacated and condemned.


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