Monument Honors Fallen Miners in Layland Mine Disaster

Local - 6/28/2014 6:00 PM by Mike Bundt
A memorial in Fayette County this afternoon is held to remember one of the worst mine disasters in local history.

112 people died in the Layland mine disaster back on March 2nd, 1915. Memorial organizers say the accident was mostly forgotten for more than 90 years before the idea of the memorial circulated through the community. This current project cost $27,000 and was in the works for more than four years. Family of some of the fallen miners attended today's ceremony. Pastor Ray Crook spoke with Newswatch about honoring the men.

"We have a lot of family members here who are descendants of those who were lost and we're hoping this will give them a little bit of closure and a little bit of comfort in knowing that someone took the time to remember them" said Crook.

The ceremony was very well attended. The monument unveiling preceded a presentation inside the church.


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