‘Celebrate Princeton’ fair nears, clean-up underway

Local - 6/27/2014 5:39 PM by Stuart Hammer

PRINCETON – A clean-up effort is underway in Mercer County to get ready for a city-wide celebration.

The Princeton Renaissance Project is doing its part to tidy up the town. In a partnership with local businesses, the project is timed to get the town cleaned-up for the “Celebrate Princeton” street fair.

Volunteers are painting rails, cleaning masonry, pulling weeds, and gardening in downtown Princeton.

They say there is a lot of energy on the streets and it's a small price to pay to make their city a better place.

“I believe in the transformation and trying to revitalize downtown Princeton,” says clean-up coordinator Jennifer Farmer, “It'll never be what it once was years ago, but it's a new time and a new era.”

Tiffany Freed does her part to clean up every day, not just for the festival.

“I love this town, but more so I love our planet, and it seems silly we've gotten in this habit of saying ‘Well, this is a man-made place so we should throw our man-made waste here,’” says Freed.

This is part of BB&T’s annual Lighthouse project where they donate money and man-power to make a change in the community.

And that effort to make a change isn't going unnoticed.

The 9th annual street fair will kick off this weekend to honor the past, present, and future of downtown Princeton.

Vendors, concerts, a car show, and a carnival will draw the crowd, but organizers hope an art show, quilt display, and other business displays will bring in the long-time residents rooted in Mercer Co.

There's also a special project the Renaissance is working on that you can get involved that will put you in the history books.

“We've got a new project that's very exciting, it's called ‘Moments of Mercer Street,’” says organizer Lori McKinney, “People will come down, we'll be interviewing them all day about the nostalgic days and the heyday when Princeton was poppin.’”

McKinney says the video will be put into the archives in the Princeton Public Library.

The festival starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday and runs to 10 p.m.

For concert lineups, schedules, and info on the festival visit celebrateprinceton.com.


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