Fayetteville bridge set to de dismantled within the week

Local - 6/26/2014 6:57 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTEVILLE - A bridge in Fayetteville is being torn down instead of repaired, isolating residents on that side of Route 19 from the downtown area.

Town Superintendent Bill Lanham, said, “It’s been a liability issue for the town and the town has directed me for that reason to seek out a contractor to remove that bridge and that liability.”

The Division of Highways would have to approve the repair of the bridge if the town was to fund that project. Lanham said, “DOH was wanting that bridge removed due to the height restrictions that is has for route 16. It prevents a lot of the larger vehicles and traffic from going down that road.”

Residents on First, Second, and Third Streets are in opposition to the bridge’s removal. Those without access to a vehicle have no way of reaching the downtown area.

A resident in this area, Brian Hornsby, said, “one of our main concerns, a lot of our community members is that were afraid that when this is gone this may possibly drop our property values so that's another problem that we have.”

“Just generally walking your dog or getting physical fitness...it doesn't matter. The fact that we can't approach town now without a vehicle really puts a damper on things and makes it a little but harder on this side. It almost isolates us from the rest of town,” said Hornsby.

After bridge deterioration, town officials said the bridge will be gone by the end of next week.

Hornsby said, “There are those of us who have been to town council meetings and it had been shot down to keep the bridge mainly because they say they do not have the funds to fix it repair it or put a walk bridge across it.”

Town officials said the building of a new bridge is not in this year’s budget, but they hope to remedy this situation in the near future.

“As we are very pedestrian friendly here in Fayetteville, and try to walk as much as we can, I walk myself, we'd like to have access to all areas of our town so hopefully they'll be receptive to that because Fayetteville is a very walkable community,” said Lanham.


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