New Agreement to Further Automotive Education

Local - 6/24/2014 5:26 PM by Mike Bundt
The New River Community and Technical College and the West Virginia Board of Education signed a memorandum of understanding today that will open doors for automotive technology students.

The agreement will lead to certifications and associate degrees without the duplication of courses. The program benefits students in high school automotive programs who will receive college credit for classes and be able to continue their studies after graduating.

"Whether they have taken automotive classes or not, they can start their training here. We can take obviously, the students that have taken automotive in high school and given hem credit for it an that was the purpose of signing the agreement today while the department of education which will give them edge credit, earn a degree, graduate early" said James Blair.

West Virginia Department of Education officials say plans are in the works to extend this to additional programs in the future.


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