UPDATE: Raleigh Co. Sheriff's Office releases identity of homicide victim

Local - 6/25/2014 11:03 AM


CRAB ORCHARD - Authorities released the name of the victim of Tuesday morning's homicide in Raleigh County. 

Richard Lee Lester, 49, died after an apparent gunshot wound, according to the Raleigh County Sheriff's Office.


ORIGINAL: 6/24/14, 5:39 PM

CRAB ORCHARD - A man is dead after an apparent gunshot wound.  Police said his girlfriend pulled the trigger and then called the cops to report the incident. As the investigation is still in its early stages, officials said charges could range from justifiable homicide to first degree murder.

Lt. Larry Lilly with the Raleigh Co. Sheriff’s Dept. said, "this was a domestic type situation between the two and that resulted in the female shooting the male which killed him. She was actually the caller."

Officials said the woman has not yet been arrested. "Right now our investigation is focusing around the circumstances and it could be anywhere from manslaughter all the way up to first degree murder. Right now it's just way too early in the investigation for us to make that call,” said Lilly.

Neighbors who have lived in the area their entire lives said this has always been a quiet area until these residents moved in about a year ago.

Neighbor Megan Porter, said, "They fight a lot. We never heard his raise his voice it was always her screaming and I know last week there was another incident where she pulled a gun on him right as he got home."

One neighbor wished to remain anonymous, but said she's had similar observations...especially after witnessing threatening remarks made by the female shooter just days before this incident.

“Police showing up, they're fighting, arguing out in the yard, just not very good neighbors since they moved in. I don't want the neighbors there. Ya it's shocking in a way, but after what she said in the driveway no, not really.”

Neighbors want this peaceful street to return to normal. "We don't feel safe, because my daughter goes over there and plays with the neighbors kids and she has children they have children, and I just don't know how you can do that with your children in the house.  I hope she's prosecuted. We don't like the fact that she's there," said Porter.


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