American Hardware store in Mt. Hope closes after more than 60 years of service

Local - 6/23/2014 5:24 PM by Rachael Cardin

MOUNT HOPE - The family owned and operated American Hardware store in Mount Hope  is closing after being in business for more than 65 years.

Owner and Operator, Bob Dorado, said "we’re one of the very few hardware stores that are left. We had things that if you couldn't find it, we would get it for you. I've been here 42 years and over the past 42 years we've had hundreds and thousands of customers that just loved this place."

After a long history, the family owned American Hardware store is forced to close due to their location in a floodplain.

"My father started here in 1949. He built this building and the reason were leaving is because were in the Dudley creek watershed buy out,” said Dorado. "After 42 years I've been here, it's sad it's very sad. It's a piece of history that's going to be gone," he said.

Dorado confirmed that store doors will permanently be closed beginning in August. Loyal customers said this will be a sad change to the city of Mount Hope.

Jim Whitlow, a loyal customer for 30- 40 years, said,  “Oh I hate to see them close. You come in here and you buy stuff that you can't buy anywhere else, nobody else keeps this kind of stuff."

A lifetime customer, Van Burks, said, " everybody like feels the same way in the city of Mount Hope. They think that bobby has always been there when they needed him. It’s a business establishment here that the city of Mount Hope is really going to miss."

Dorado said, "All those customers and people who have been in and stopped by and said hi, I appreciate them and the town and the people are going to much this place also."

Dorado said he does not plan to relocate.


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