Mount Hope feeds kids at a summer program

Local - 6/23/2014 5:23 PM by Rachael Cardin

MOUTN HOPE - A fun summer program in Fayette County is getting kids involved in reading, writing and the arts while providing them breakfast and lunch.

The Energy Express Program has begun and Mount Hope Elementary School students said they are enjoying the school's activities, while spending time with their friends. For coordinators and staff, a main purpose of the program is to make sure these kids are well fed throughout the summer time. Many children in this area are from low income homes and need assistance when it comes to being provided nutritious meals. The Energy Express Community Coordinator, Kaitlyn Wilburn, said this structure is great for kids during the summer.

“They know they have somebody, a role model throughout the summer. They know they have somebody to talk to. They know they have a program where they can help with their reading, and food. Not a lot of families have food so this is a great program,” said Wilburn.

One student said she is having fun at Energy Express and is grateful for the program.

Gabrielle Clark said, "some people really don't get to eat good meals. I'm lucky that I get to and I do feel bad for the kids that don't."

Energy Express Program coordinators said they are always looking for volunteers to read to the children and help with activities. To get involved all Ms. Logan at 304-877-2891.


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