Memorial Dedication set in Layland this Saturday

Local - 6/23/2014 4:27 PM by Mike Bundt
A special memorial dedication is set to take place in Layland this Saturday.

The memorial is in remembrance of the 1915 Layland mine disaster. It has been in the works for four years and was recently completed. The cost of the project was more than $27,000 which was raised by selling blocks at the monument. 224 blocks were sold at $50 a block. One of the men responsible for the project says that it's important for the community to remember what happened nearly 100 years ago.

"112 men died here and they were really just forgotten for 91 years you know and after that started, people started thinking about it, you know, mining is a dangerous industry but people were not forgotten when accidents happen so the community, small community, not a lot of money but they see this and it'll give them some pride" said Howard Pettinaro.

Pettinaro is keeping the monument tarped off until its dedication ceremony on Saturday at 1pm.


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