Tractor Supply Host Fire Truck Show

Local - 6/21/2014 8:01 PM by Mike Bundt
A fire truck show is drawing people to a local store in Beckley this afternoon.

As many as 10 trucks from Beaver, Sophia and other areas were a part of the display. They showed off their lights and even demolished cars for onlookers. The event was hosted by Tractor Supply as a promotion for their store. Brainstorming for the event began less than a month ago. Employees are happy with the turnout.

"Tractor Supply is always looking for events to get the community involved and Sean asked me one day, he said can you think of anything we can do to bring some people out here and I told him fire truck show. About two to three weeks, got it together, turned out pretty good" said Jacob Feltner.

Feltner says he hopes the fire truck show will become an annual event.


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