Linda K. Epling Stadium Hosts Hospice Fundraiser

Local - 6/21/2014 7:43 PM by Mike Bundt
Locals gathered at Linda K Epling Stadium Saturday to help raise money for an organization that helps families cope with struggle.

The stadium is playing host to the 10th annual "Run for Hospice." The day long festivities feature a poker run and a car show. The event has raised more than $10,000 the past two years. Hosted by the Living Waters Baptist Church. The run for hospice showcases a community that is looking out for one another.

"They've had a number of people who have gone through our hospice house and that's what kind of generated their idea to do this fundraiser for us. So for the services we provide, they try to provide a service for us which is really amazing" said Josh Jones.

"We saw how they help people and it's not about money and a lot of the people that they do help, they don't have the insurance or means to pay so it's the donations that makes all that possible and that's why our church loves to help hospice because they help others and that's what it's all about" said Michael Gunnon.

The Hospice of Southern West Virginia is hoping this year's "Run for Hospice' exceeds their fundraising totals from previous years.


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