Sleep Center Holds Grand Opening

Local - 6/20/2014 5:07 PM by Mike Bundt
A sleep center celebrated its grand opening Friday in Beckley.

A ribbon cutting ceremony highlighted the grand opening of the West Virginia Sleep Center on Mallard Court. The organization deals with individual's sleeping problems. Sleeping problems are often under-publicized and can lead to further problems. Employees discuss the issues the center helps out with.

"Sleep apnea is extremely prevalent and extremely under-diagnosed and untreated sleep apnea has a lot of negative consequences" said Dr. Omar Hasan.

"Business is doing very well and if we can just help one person, we'll be happy but I think this will help the overall populous of Beckley, West Virgina" said Stephanie Kennedy

Today's ribbon cutting ceremony is celebrating the announcement of the center becoming an accredited full service sleep lab.


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