DOH workers yield to overtime

Local - 6/19/2014 10:44 PM by Kevin Jacobs

BECKLEY - Division of Highway workers in Beckley yield to mandatory overtime and says enough is enough.

Union representatives accompanied Raleigh County DOH workers Thursday evening at the intersection of Market Road and Pinewood Drive just feet away from the garage. The group cites mandatory overtime is being forced on them despite non-weather-related emergencies.

NewsWatch is told the mandatory overtime has since been lifted since word of picketing spread, but UE Local 170 International Representative John Thompson says anyone disciplined for refusing overtime should be cleared from such action.

"So, well it's good the DOH put an end to it and that they came to the garage and apologized to the employees for forcing them to do it, that's not enough. We want the disciplinary actions removed from these employee's work records, and we want an end to the retaliation and petty dictatorship that goes on at these kind of DOH garages," said John Thompson - UE Local 170.

We were unable to reach DOH officials for comment.


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