Stay cool as the temps climb

Local - 6/17/2014 5:02 PM by Stuart Hammer

OAK HILL – The first official day of summer has yet to come, but the rising temperatures are getting started early.

Being safe outside when things heat up involves staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen. It may seem obvious but hundreds of Americans die from heat-related illness every year. The most likely victims of the heat are children, elderly, or overweight people.

Doctors say find shade often and drink plenty of fluids to replace what you sweat out. Wearing light colored clothing to reflect sunlight and avoiding drinks heavy in caffeine are also ways to be safe outside.

“Maintaining the skin's function by avoiding sunburn is probably the most important thing,” says Plateau Medical Center Doctor, Clint Curtis, “You can't really cool yourself if you've been exposed to the sun and develop sunburn.”

If you feel sick or notice sunburn, get inside in an air-conditioned room immediately.


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