Cops receive training on prescription pills

Local - 6/17/2014 4:20 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - Drug diversion experts held a training session in Raleigh County on Tuesday to educate local law enforcement officers about how to tackle the prescription pill problem.


A summit training program was presented by the Purdue Pharmaceutical Company to law enforcement agencies across the state in hopes of analyzing a strategy for West Virginia's most recent epidemic; prescription pill addiction. This training course is free to officers who traveled from around the state to learn more on how to recognize an addict, how to securely store prescription pills, how to dispose of them properly and how to educate the community about these necessities. Beckley Police Lieutenant said training helps the entire communities in which these officers serve.


"The reason we do so much training and offer this training is if you have officers that  are well educated it makes for a better environment and a better community. It makes everybody safer and more thorough in their job,” said Lt. Jake Corey.


Purdue representatives said this training can benefit the entire community.


"Were training them things that they're going to be able to take back to their communities and train the public. How to lock up your medications, how to secure them. How to keep them away from kids,

 Teenagers that can go into their parents medicine cabinet and obtain controlled substances and we also want them to be able to recognize the legitimate use and the illegal use of all of these prescription drugs,” said Edward Cartwright.


Purdue Representatives said they hope this training will help officers in West Virginia identify and deal with the prescription pill problem in the most effective way possible.


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