Oak Hill Native Has Novel Published

Local - 6/15/2014 8:48 PM by Mike Bundt
A Fayette County author wants other young adults to read his first published book.

Oak Hill resident Jacob Posey worked on his first novel for more than six years. It's called Tears of a Kajira. It's a sci-fi fantasy packed with friendship, romance, betrayal and murder. It was published within the past six months. In the plot, a female is put in a new society where she's forced to learn to live and survive. She comes in contact with several characters and eventually finds love. Posey spoke with Newswatch about the publishing process. He said he didn't expect much to come out of it.

"In my mind, it wasn't really something that was that special. It actually came back on me and exploded and i had several people contact me saying they wanted to publish it really bad so i got excited and continued on" said Posey.

He says he's already 14 chapters in on a second sci-fi adventure novel. in this book, a female gets a big wake up call about the future when she encounters aliens. You can purchase his first book on authorhouse.com or Aamazon and Barnesandnoble.com.


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