Fun Show Fundraiser Held at Glade Springs Barn

Local - 6/15/2014 8:37 PM by Mike Bundt
A group of girls is hoping to get some extra help for an upcoming trip out west for the high school Rodeo nationals.

Two high school students and two middle schoolers will head to Iowa and Wyoming this month. Sunday, a fundraising effort was held to alleviate some of the cost. The event started at 9am with "cowboy church" before a horse ride and rodeo-style fun show. The Glade Springs Barn also hosted pony rides and lunch. Two of the girls making the trip discussed what horse riding means to them.

"My aunt had a horse and i was just there and it's just happened. She taught me how to ride when i was about four and after that, i wanted my own horse" said Liz Adkins.

"This is huge. I've been to worlds and qualified there but this is the 2nd largest rodeo in the world compared to the Calgary Stampede Rodeo so this is pretty huge" said Emily Parent

We'll keep you updated on how the girls perform after nationals.


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