County Hosting Anti-Rabies Clinics

Local - 6/14/2014 6:06 PM by Mike Bundt
Starting Saturday, a series of anti-rabies clinics will be held throughout Raleigh County.

The clinics are being hosted by the Raleigh County Assessor's office. They kicked off Saturday morning at 9am front of Ballacino's at the Cranberry Shopping Center. A steady crowd showed up. In addition to giving out rabies shots, the clinics are also selling dog tags. Deputy Assessor Karen Mays explains the importance of identifying your pets.

"It's really just for the community to get out and get the county dog tags. It's a tag and if your dog gets lost, they call the Raleigh County Assessor's office and we can get the dog owner its dog back" said Mays.

The clinics will take place through June 25th. You can contact the county for a full list.


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