New intake system to aid in child abuse and neglect cases

Local - 6/13/2014 4:25 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - A new system is scheduled to take effect next month in hopes of saving more children from abuse and neglect.

The state Health and Human Resources Committee for the Bureau for Children and Families will begin their new intake operation in July. Officials said until now there have been 2 phone numbers you can call to report child abuse or neglect; one of which is local and the other is to the centralized office in Charleston. This change is occurring to create consistency across the board for all child and adult protective services. This will eliminate the county and state from receiving separate calls and then having to direct them otherwise. Officials with child advocacy said they hope this will help more children receive the services they need in a timely and organized fashion.

Scott Miller, Executive Director of the Just for Kids Inc., said,  "it could be a really good thing in terms of consistency and it could be a little bit of a challenge because locally people have a sense of many of the families. They have a good idea of where to go, whereas if it's happening in Charleston maybe they're not that connection. But I think until we see it we hope that it's going to make a difference for kids."

This change in system will take place beginning on July 1st of this year.


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