Taiwanese tour of the New River Gorge Bridge Walk

Local - 6/12/2014 6:31 PM

LANSING - The New River Gorge Bridge draws people from all over the country, but some of Thursday’s tourists have traveled across the world to admire this structure.


The West Virginia Department of Transportation and American bridge specialists welcomed  guests from Taiwan to the New River Gorge Bridge in hopes of showing off one of the nation’s most historic landmarks.


Department of Transportation specialist , Jimmy Wriston, said, "they're attending the international bridge conference in Pittsburgh and some of my colleagues from the consulting industry are brining those folks down to have a tour of the new river gorge bridge, the crown jewel of west Virginias bridge inventory. I think it's just a good opportunity for engineers to network and to reach out and share ideas and concepts an I'm looking forward to hearing about what they're doing over in Taiwan to be honest with you."


Michael Baker International representative, Tom Ryan, said, “just the appreciation of the bridge, they are bridge engineers and there are some very nice bridges in Taiwan, but nothing like we have here in West Virginia.”


Taiwanese bridge engineers were actually having an academic lesson during their tour, after learning about this particular bridge do months in their classroom.


Ryan said, “Just the size of this bridge, we show pictures, photographs of this bridge in class when we teach all over the world and it's just hard to get a scale of how big this bridge really is.”

Wriston said, “This is a modern engineering marvel all the way from the planning, design stages all the way up through construction and now you can see were maintaining this thing some 35 years later....it's a world class structure.”


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