Sexting and sex crimes through technology are on the rise

Local - 6/11/2014 4:17 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTEVILLE - Sex crimes have been on the rise and technology plays a role in the acts being committed, but also in offenders being caught.


Officials with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department said sexting and child porn is an ever growing problem. More cases going through the court system involve minors as victims or as the senders of sexually explicit material. Captain Jim Sizemore said these young people need to realize sexting or exploiting yourself through social media is dangerous. Once that material is out it can circulate very quickly and lead to future problems. Technology has aided law enforcement in catching sexual predators and text records or Facebook messages can be presented as evidence in court, however those situations should have never occurred in the first place.


"Phenomenal increase. People don't stop to think, they take a picture and send it to their boyfriend or girlfriend and they're commuting a crime when they do that even if it's completely consensual,” said Sizemore.

Officials advised parents to be aware of what your children are doing on the internet and through texting.


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