Arson suspected in recent house fires

Local - 6/10/2014 8:49 AM by Rachael Cardin

MINDEN - Houses in Minden go up in flames one after another. Acts of arson are to blame.    

Captain Jim Sizemore with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, said, “most of those have involved abandoned structures and they have been destroyed to the point that it was difficult to determine a cause and origin but because of the fact that they had no power or utilities hooked to them, it's most likely that they were arson. Couldn't really speculate on a motive at this point. There's a lot of stuff that's gone in in Minden that as far as why all these fires all of a sudden, I really don't know a motive at this point."

All the Minden residents Newswatch spoke to were hesitant to talk about this issue because recent acts if arson have actually targeted occupied homes.

A resident said, "10/12/11 houses down for a couple months now and people are just kind of on edge and want to know what's going on. Nobody wants to talks because they're afraid their libel to be the next one."

Officials said they do have three potential suspects, but need more information before an arrest can be made.

"Our best source of information is the tips that we review through the public. And as I mentioned we've had several tips called in all naming the same set of suspects," said Sizemore.

A concerned resident said, "I hope they catch them, before someone gets hurt. I mean if it was abandoned houses but then three peoples have actually been occupied so sooner or later someone is going to be in there and not able to get out."


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