More than 200 want Nicholas commissioners out

Local - 6/10/2014 5:08 PM by Stuart Hammer

SUMMERSVILLE – More than 200 names are behind an effort to oust the Nicholas County commissioners.

A petition containing the names of 215 individuals from Nicholas County moves into the circuit court Tuesday.

Tim Clifford ran for a seat on the commission two years ago and is leading the charge.

When the county illegally hired a manager last year without putting it up for a vote, Clifford said it was the last straw. Now he's trying to have all three commissioners removed from office.

Clifford insists this isn't a revenge tactic for losing the election two years ago

“I don't know anybody in the county that's for this, that's for the hiring of the county manager. Everybody I've talked to is against it,” says Clifford.

Clifford is waiting on a ruling from the West Virginia Supreme Court. He says he plans to fight it until the end.


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