Tamarack Seeking Beer License

Local - 6/9/2014 4:54 PM by Mike Bundt
A local tourist attraction is seeking approval to start selling beer.

After many requests to start selling beer, The Best of West Virginia is finally pursuing a beer license. They don't anticipate changing much to their property. A Tamarack official says if approved, beer sales will take place in the specialty food section. Currently five West Virginia micro-brews are on board to sell their beer at Tamarack if they get their license. Retail Director Ron Dewitt says he expects the process to go fluently.

"I think the whole process will go very smoothly. We did see approval from the Parkways Board to seek a license, so our next stop will be to get that application in and filled out. And I don't see anything that would prevent us from being approved for that" said Dewitt.

Dewitt says Tamarack will be selling the micro-brews in cans and bottles if approved.   


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