Raleigh County Convention Center Hosts Gun & Knife Show

Local - 6/8/2014 6:10 PM by Mike Bundt
A special show hit the Raleigh County Convention Center this weekend.

Gun and knife lovers were at the armory today for expo's final day. The show provides local shops the opportunity to sell their products and increase their customer base. Organizers estimate a few thousand people made it out this year to check out the goods. The show is being sponsored by R & R Gun & Knife Shows of West Virginia.

"This accounts for half of our sales. We're able to get out in the community, put our name out there in the local environment. You can't always do that from your shop. You have to get out there in the community a little bit" said Tony Pustovarh.

"We get customers from the shows coming to our shop and actually this week, i had people come that are regular customers at the shop all the way down here to get a gun off me" said Rodney Anderson.

No loaded firearms were permitted at the show during the weekend.


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