Oak Hill Hosts Rail Trail Expo

Local - 6/7/2014 6:20 PM by Mike Bundt
The Oak Hill rail trail was the center of attention in Fayette County on Saturday.

The trail hosted the 3rd annual White Oak Rail Trail Expo. The event brought locals and businesses together. Organizations paid $20 to host booths on the trail. Vendors are given the flexibility to do what they want with the space, with many selling products and putting out displays. People at the event talked about the expo.

"I love it. I got a lot of contacts. I've got several interest parties. A couple recruits. And I'm really enjoying just getting out here and visiting and chatting with everybody" said Marionatte Short.

"Here you can see things you don't see at the store, like people have made things for you. At the store, you don't get stuff like that. You can find things that are unique and different" said Haylee.

"It's a nice day. It's real pretty. Good to get out walking at the different events" said Ricky Massey.

The expo attracted large crowds in the warm sun and nice temperatures.


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