70th anniversary of Normandy invasion remembered

Local - 6/6/2014 4:59 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – June 6, 1944 might not mean much to you now. But 70 years ago it was a turning point in WWII.

The invasion at Normandy put more than 150,000 allied troops on the beaches of France. This massive attack marked the beginning of the end for the Nazi party in Germany.

At the Raleigh County Veterans Museum in Beckley, volunteers like Joshua Brooks were dressed in full uniform including an American GI from the 29th infantry division, with many of its troops hailing from Maryland and Virginia.

“It feels excellent to be able to say, ‘I remember this, I remember the sacrifice of what men of allied forces did to preserve freedom in most of the world,’” says Brooks.

The 29th infantry division landed at Omaha, one of the most heavily defended beaches. The division was in combat almost continuously throughout the war.


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