Road checks stop trucks to keep you safe

Local - 6/5/2014 4:27 PM by Stuart Hammer

PRINCETON – For 72 hours trucks in North America are being stopped for your safety.

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia’s Transportation Enforcement Division is wrapping up its commercial vehicle check Thursday night.

The checks are being conducted across all of North America including Canada and Mexico. The checks began on Tuesday and will run through Thursday.

Officials are focused on semi-trucks being in compliance and running safely for all the drivers on the road.

Officers with the PSC are picking trucks at random as they pass through states and giving them a 37-point inspection.

According to the PSC, last year 112 trucks were shut down in the state for major violations.

“We're looking for hazardous material shipments obviously, make sure the hazardous material rules are being enforced and being complied with,” says Officer Reggie Bunner.

“And your safety components, brakes, tires, load securement, just anything that doesn't look normal.”

In addition of physical items on the trucks, officers are also looking for driver fatigue and proper log books.


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