Handmade chairs to benefit Women's Resource Center

Local - 6/5/2014 3:36 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - The sale of dozens of handmade, painted chairs will benefit women and girls who depend on the state's largest shelter.

On Friday, the Women's Resource Center will hold its fifth annual auction at Lewis Automotive in Beckley.

For those who don't know it works, local businesses sponsor artists to paint adirondacks, rockers, benches and tables. The sale of the 34 items will benefit the center.

In previous years, the organization raised as much as $30,000 for battered women.

"We have several thousand people every year that come in and out of our shelter, and it's just a bigger struggle every year to get the funding to help these people, and it's really one of these things that people don't talk about or sweep under the rug, but it happens," Sarah Abrams said.

The event is set for Friday at 5:30 p.m. The auction will begin an hour later. Organizers told WOAY there's a price point for everyone.


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