Budget cuts to social services are restored

Local - 5/22/2014 5:42 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - Executive Director at the Women’s Resource Center, Patricia Bailey, spoke about her support group in Charleston. Thinking about their vigil at the capitol after they thought funds were not going to be restored, only to be pleasantly surprised. “The word rally now has a whole different meaning because that's truly what it was.”

Bailey said their efforts in Charleston were heard this time, but she always has to worry about budget cuts. “When you are grant funded. When you receive state or federal monies, you are going to live or die by what is happening on a national or state level and of course that's why we try to reduce our dependency on those funds for that reason,” said Bailey.

The door was shut on the subject in regards to government action and Bailey admits she lost hope; “I'm usually very, very optimistic and this is one time when I did lose hope.”

These social service workers said they don't even know how this came to pass, but they're grateful to all their legislators for fighting for their cause. "The victims of domestic and sexual violence won't be able to thank the governor. Won't be able to thank all of our senators and delegates. It doesn't matter whether your democrat whether your republican. It doesn't matter about any of that. It still was a win for everyone,” said Bailey.

State Senator William Laird, who represents Fayette County, explained that the WV thoroughbred racing purse underwent a 2% decrease, but this transfer of funds was necessary; “we certainly didn't hurt the racing purse for the state of West Virginia and sure benefitted these programs that are essential to the community. I think it was a good step forward and we were able to come up with a way to restore funding for these programs.”

“An investment in children and families is an investment in the state of WV,” said Laird.


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