'Rolling Thunder' heard in Rainelle

Local - 5/21/2014 5:39 PM by Rachael Cardin

RAINELLE- More than 100,000 motorcyclists are on their way to the nation’s capital, but some of them will be making a pit stop in Greenbrier County first.

They call themselves 'Rolling Thunder' because with that many bikes, you can imagine what that sounds like. They will stopping in Rainelle on Thursday afternoon. Their first order of business is to educate the children at Rainelle elementary why they are doing this cross-country ride.

An official with the L.Z. Veteran's Program in Rainelle, J.W. Puckett, said the group's objective is to raise awareness about the troops left in Vietnam once the United States pulled out of that war. Puckett wanted to also recognize a P.O.W still in Afghanistan named Bowe Bergdhal whose fight is also recognized by this group.

"A number of these people leave California and travel all across the country and raise awareness at each stop about the fact that we have unaccounted for veterans that were left in Vietnam,” said Puckett.

The Memorial Day Parade will start at noon on Saturday and the United States Airforce Memorial Band will be performing on Sunday starting at 2.


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