Week honors EMS personnel

Local - 5/19/2014 2:04 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – Workers that often go under-appreciated are honored this week across the country.

Every year one week in May is dedicated to honoring EMS workers across the nation.

The annual event focuses on the tireless workers of ambulance crews and other emergency first-responders on the front lines.

With a fleet more than 130 vehicles strong, Jan-Care serves much of West Virginia. Director of Operations at Jan-Care, Paul Seamann says EMS serves a unique role in people's lives that many don't recognize.

“We're there at the birth, and a lot of times we're there at the very end of life, and all points in between,” says Seamann.

EMS Week was first recognized in 1974 when President Gerald Ford declared November 3 as the first “National Emergency Medical Services Week.” It was observed for four more years, and has since been in continued observance since 1982.


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