Couple arrested for string of Walmart thefts, police say

Local - 5/18/2014 11:39 PM by Karen Franklin
FAYETTEVILLE - A couple is behind bars Sunday after authorities say they committed a string of Walmart thefts around the state. 

Richard Sturms, 45, and his 24-year-old girlfriend Jennifer Thompson face grand larceny charges. State Police said the pair was finally nabbed in Fayetteville when they were spotted by Walmart's Loss Prevention Office. 

The couple selected an assortment of items to bring to the register. Sturms would take the larger items out to the car. When it was time to pay, Thompson allegedly told cashiers she needed to get her credit card from Sturms, who was outside, according to authorities. 

The pair would never return for the payment. 

Sturms also faces charges including reckless driving and destruction of property because police said he was behind the wheel and tried to flee the scene. 

Corporal J.S. Syner said the couple began the thefts on May 3 at several Walmarts from Princeton to Beckley.


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